Video Wall Solutions: 55″ Super Narrow Bezel 3.5mm LCD Video Wall

Used to view large quantities of information at a single glance on a “wall” of monitors, video wall technology has previously been considered the exclusive domain of large organizations because of high costs and complexity. However, Anewtech video wall solution requires only one PC, with built-in software making the technology accessible to small-to-medium businesses.

Anewtech Video Wall Solutions is bundled with Content Design Software
Design software allows a user to determine a different type of display: 2×2, 3×3, 4×2, etc. The software enables multiple contents (image, flash or video) to be display on the wall simultaneously and allows the user to update contents as easily as browsing file on the desktop folder. Contents can be shown on 4 individual monitors or the entire wall depending upon the user’s discretion.

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