The Use of Robot in Education


The developing of artificial intelligent technologies bring out-of-reach robots to our home and commercial service scenarios, like a cleaning robot, preschool education robot, promotion robot, and so on. Among these services, education is one of the core value robots creates.

Robot-Assisted Instruction (RAI)
Robot-assisted instruction means teachers use intelligent robots as the main education media and tools to teach classes. It can be called Robot-Assisted Learning (RAL), Robot-Assisted Training (RAT), Robot-Based Education (RBE). The programmable robots for education are not the main role in education, but an educational tool like assistant, learning companion, or intelligent education tool, more advanced than general education tools in school.

Robot-Represented Routine (RRR)
Robot-Represented Routine means the intelligent service robot has partial human intelligence and functions, helping teachers perform some repetitive teaching work, like borrowing a book, and writing notes, marking students attendance, etc., to advance the learning efficiency and quality.

Robot-Directed Instruction (RDI)
Robot-Directed Instruction is the robot’s highest level application in education. More than an assistant, intelligent robot plays the main role in education organization, practice, and management.

If robots would like to open the door of education, they must activate the users with its actual functions. Intelligent educational robots have become the inevitable trend of future and they are becoming the powerful assistant to the future of children.

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Create a Superb Shopping Experience with Sanbot


How to stand out from a highly competitive shopping mall with numerous competitors around you?

Sanbot, an intelligent service robot is the best moving advertising robot to attract and bring customers to your store! With your product information and promotion display on screen and broadcast by voice, Sanbot is the best retail robot that moves around to promote and advertise your business.

Besides promoting your business, Sanbot with powerful AI technologies also can bring a great number of services to your customers:
• welcome and greet a customer
• entertain customer with dance, music, and game
• interact with customer
• conduct a survey to collect customer feedback
• run lucky draw campaign with spin the wheel features



Sanbot Benefits:
• Creative promotional programs
• New technology experience
• Draws the audience’s attention
• Igniting the audience’s enthusiasm
• Fun and interactive entertainment

Service Robot with Open API, Enables Developers to Build Android Applications


Sanbot unleash the power of cloud-enabled robotics and AI for retailers, hoteliers, schools, nursing homes and operators in customer-oriented industries to deliver smarter and more personalized services.


With an open API that enables developers to build Android applications that harness Sanbot’s powerful AI and machine-learning capabilities, businesses will deliver more interactive and richer services that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

User can set the prize quantity and wining percentage as well as upload the prize images. Maximum 8 lucky draw items.

Support Text to Speech (Sanbot can read welcome page message, survey questions, and end page message)

Sanbot can dance, play music, play movie, etc

With built-in projector, Sanbot can project the agenda and welcome the speaker (in video format)

Sanbot can walk around and play promotional materials.

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Service Robot Deliver Smarter and Personalized Services


A business’s success relies on customer experience, including pre-sales services, data collection, in-store shopping experience, after-sales relationship management, etc.

Service robot, Sanbot is an intelligent cloud-based service robot for retail, education, healthcare and hospitality. Sanbot can be applied to a variety of services: to support patients in health care institutions, to deliver orders in restaurants, to provide reception and room service in hotels, as a concierge in reception/ info counter.


Anewtech-service-robot-sanbot-appliction-retailRole: Promoter
Benefits: Attract more customers
Anewtech-service-robot-sanbot-appliction-hospitalityRole: Receptionist
Benefits: Improve customers experience
Anewtech-service-robot-sanbot-appliction-restaurantRole: Waiter
Benefits: Enhance customers dining experience
Anewtech-service-robot-sanbot-appliction-educationRole: Teaching Assistant
Benefits: Increase students participation
Anewtech-sanbot-healthcareRole: Patient Companion
Benefits: Help people take care of their loved one
Anewtech-sanbot-shopping-mallRole: Receptionist, Promoter
Benefits: Attract customers to increase foot traffic

With an Open API that enables developers to build Android App and machine-learning capability, businesses can deliver interactive services that increase customer experience.

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