Video Wall: Support Different Types of Configuration


Video wall has become more and more popular due to the immense impact on viewers. An eye-catching video wall can attract audiences and have a huge impact on consumers purchasing decisions. A powerful media player is needed to drive content for a screen matrix of displays. Content design software enables multiple contents to be displayed on individual screens or span the entire video wall.


  • Super Narrow Bezel: Virtually seamless appearance with a bezel of just 1.8mm screen to screen
  • IPS Panel Technology: Superior image quality and colour depth at 178°ultra wide viewing angle
  • Flexible Configuration: Support any configuration, for example 2×2, 3×3, 6×4 etc
  • LED Backlight: Automatically backlight and brightness adjust, intelligent screen protection, anti-burn
  • Automatic Tiling: With an integrated video matrix processor, no additional hardware is required to tile to any configuration
  • Content Design Software: Split screen control by @Signager content design software


For more information about Video Wall, please contact the following:
Vietnam:, email:

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