The Use of Robot in Education


The developing of artificial intelligent technologies bring out-of-reach robots to our home and commercial service scenarios, like a cleaning robot, preschool education robot, promotion robot, and so on. Among these services, education is one of the core value robots creates.

Robot-Assisted Instruction (RAI)
Robot-assisted instruction means teachers use intelligent robots as the main education media and tools to teach classes. It can be called Robot-Assisted Learning (RAL), Robot-Assisted Training (RAT), Robot-Based Education (RBE). The programmable robots for education are not the main role in education, but an educational tool like assistant, learning companion, or intelligent education tool, more advanced than general education tools in school.

Robot-Represented Routine (RRR)
Robot-Represented Routine means the intelligent service robot has partial human intelligence and functions, helping teachers perform some repetitive teaching work, like borrowing a book, and writing notes, marking students attendance, etc., to advance the learning efficiency and quality.

Robot-Directed Instruction (RDI)
Robot-Directed Instruction is the robot’s highest level application in education. More than an assistant, intelligent robot plays the main role in education organization, practice, and management.

If robots would like to open the door of education, they must activate the users with its actual functions. Intelligent educational robots have become the inevitable trend of future and they are becoming the powerful assistant to the future of children.

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