Intelli-Signage: Use Interactive Spin the Wheel for you promotion campaign!


Spin the Wheel is a form of promotion marketing that can be a very powerful for customer engagement with your brand experience. Spin the Wheel drives potential customers to your store, you can increase sales by giving them the opportunity to win prizes with minimum amount spend.

Intelli-Signage is now supporting Spin the Wheel features! You can create your lucky draw campaign using Intelli-Signage content design software. The software allows you to define the prize, quantity and wining percentage.

Businesses can benefit from Spin the wheel by using it to fill in slow days, such as only available from Monday to Thursday. It is a creative form of branding that small businesses can enjoy, it also creates a fun element to promotion campaign.

Benefits of Spin the Wheel Campaign:
• drive customer to your business with either prizes and coupons
• create a brilliant end-to-end customer experience
• interaction and sense of fun increase brand awareness
• FREE features included in Intelli-Signage content design software
• creative form of branding

For more information about Intelli-Signage please contact the following:
Vietnam:, email:

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