An Insider’s Look at Intelli-Signage Features for Diverse Retail Applications


How can Intelli-Signage benefits my business?
Intelli-Signage has a lot of distinctive features that can be applied to diverse retail applications.

Jewellery Store (Live Tag)
Gold prices change on day-to-day basis. With a web-based content management system, user can simply login to cloud to change the gold prices, and the gold prices are refresh instantly on the screen.

Fashion Store (Age and Gender Recognition)
anewtech-intelli-signage-age-genderAge and Gender Recognition is able to customized potential shoppers content display. For example, if the camera detect shopper is 27 years old female, the advertisement will shift to female related advertisement, in the age group of 25 – 35 years old.

Restaurant (Queue Number and SMS)
Design for restaurant application, Intelli-Signage integrate the “Queue + SMS” module that utilize QR scanning, cloud service and SMS to solve queuing problems, improving brand image and customer satisfaction. Customer received SMS notification and can also check the Queue number by referring to the Queue number display on the KIOSK.

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