Smart Factory: Cloud-based Automatic Identification Technology


I-TANK-860-QGW, QTS gateway connects with industrial barcode reader/ Industrial HF RFID reader/ High speed camera to collect data which can be sent to machines and alarm systems on the production line in real-time by running programs on VM through Virtualization Station.

Anewtech-industrial-pc Anewtech-industrial-rfid
I-TANK-860-QGW, embedded system with QTS gateway, is an operating system designed especially for IEI Industrial PC (IPC) and fully integrated the QNAP NAS operating system (QTS), breaking through the stereotype of IPC of not having operating system and saving unnecessary costs for installing server and computer. Industrial RFID systems consist of a data carrier (called a tag), a read or read/write head, and a processor unit. The tag is used to read and store data.The data volume and read/ write cycles depend upon the storage medium. Data carriers receive their energy from the read/write device.
Anewtech-industrial-usb-camera Anewtech-2D-barcode-scanner
• Vision SDK available
• Aptina global shutter CMOS sensor
• Compatible with USB 3.0
• Resolutions up to 752×480
• Frame rates up to 60 FPS
• Support AMCap and other DirectShow compatible software
• Other commercial vision software supported through DirecShow
• Support Android devices
• I/O interface: USB, Ethernet TCP/IP
• Hardware and software trigger modes
• Automatic or manual CMOS sensor
• LED: External / Internal
• Image: Capture
• Image Format: BMP

For more information about Cloud-based Industrial PC please contact the following:
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