Intelli-Signage: Interactive Signage with Data Analytics


Digital Signage is widely deployed in a range of fields such as retail, education and hospitality, and has become an important part of the marketing landscape. Anewtech’s intelli-signage solutions combine highly reliable platforms (touch and non-touch system) bundled with signage software and data analytics.

System Architecture:


Intelli-Signage Features:
• Client/ Server architecture
• Central management for content and player
• Drag-and-drop content design
• Support versatile files:
• Video, Image, Text, Flash, PowerPoint, Clock, Audio, HTML, RSS
• Provides preview check
• Real-time and urgent break-in message
• Tag advertisements according to age and gender group (Non-touch version)
• Supports touch content (Touch Screen Version)
• Remote upload of content to the cloud
• Monitor player status remotely
• Data Analytics: Age and gender, advertisement playing time and viewership, click tracking


For more information about Intelli-Signage please contact the following:
Vietnam:, email:

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