Modular Designed Embedded PC for Quick Equipment Integration: AD-ARK-2230


AD-ARK-2230, a ruggedized fanless embedded modular system with Intel® Celeron® Quad Core J1900 SoC processor, supports iDoor modules and ARK-Plus modules which is suitable for customers who require customised systems for equipment integration. Modular ARK customisation service helps customers build their applications on best-fit systems with a series of ready-to-order I/O modules.

100+ Customization
iDoor modules are very compact and can easily be installed into the AD-ARK-2230. We have a full selection of iDoor modules,including GbE, CANBus, RS232/422/485, USB, printer port and other industrial I/O functionality. System Integrators can select the right iDoor for the job, and verification can focus on iDoor and its connected devices. Each AD-ARK-2230 can install one iDoor module with no dimensional changes.

ARK-Plus is a stackable, add-on module for AD-ARK-2230 with MIOe interface. The MIOe interface carries serval types of high speed communication buses, which can support more I/Os than a single iDoor module. Moreover, its slim enclosure can also provide a removable 2.5” drive bay. System Integrator can install one iDoor and one ARK-Plus module in AD-ARK-2230 at the same time.

AD-ARK-2230 Features:
• Intel® Celeron® J1900 Quad Core 2.0 GHz
• SoC with Turbo boost support
• VGA and HDMI dual independent display
• 12V lockable DC jack power input
• 9-36V power module compatible with all-in-one ordering
• -20 ~ 60 °C extend temperature operating
• Mini PCIe expansion with SIM holder for communication module
• mSATA and 1 x 2.5″ SATA storage device
• Advantech iDoor module compatible
• Advantech EMIO miniPCIe module compatible with all-in-one ordering
• Advantech MIOe module compatible with all in one ordering (2 Layers)

For more information about Fanless Embedded System please contact the following:
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