Work-in-Process (WIP) Tracking with BIS M HF RFID System


Manufacturing plants utilizing automated assembly have unique requirements when it comes to tracking their work-in-process (WIP). Tracking can also include all the lineage information from all the components used in the final assembly. Most automated manufacturing lines also utilize flexible manufacturing where multiple product versions are made on one line. There are three primary areas of tracking automated assembly in total: Build, Process, and Lineage Information.

The BIS M system uses a High Frequency or HF 13.56 MHz inductively coupled technology along with passive tags to provide mid-range RFID solutions as far as 400 mm. This system is ideal for closer range asset tracking, WIP (work in process) or production control such as palletized production or “on part” tracking and quality traceability applications. This system also offers high temperature, metal mount, hardened and disposable tagging options.

Key ROI Elements
• Enable flexible manufacturing
• Track the rework process
• Effectively handle product recalls
• Maintain regulatory compliance

For more information about HF RFID System please contact the following:
Vietnam:, email:

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