IoT Wireless I/O Modules: Providing IoT Wireless Smart Devices from I/O to Sensor


A variety of wireless remote I/O devices have emerged to the market as wireless applications become common and preferred solution in industrial applications. With the Wi-Fi-based AD-WISE-4000 series and the Wireless sensor network (WSN)-based ADAM-2000 series, users are free from worrying about a wired layout and extra associated costs, for a more flexible deployment.

Furthermore, AD-WISE-4000 series brings an authentic IoT experience to the market. With the advanced concepts of data acquisition, data processing to data publishing, AD-WISE-4000 series fulfilling mobile monitoring needs in one compact module for different scenario. By realizing an “Anytime, Anywhere” solution, users can retrieve data via mobile devices and can now configure modules and troubleshot from mobile devices to save time.

For more information about IoT Wireless I/O Modules please contact the following:
Vietnam:, email:

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