Toilet Feedback System / Washroom Management System


The toilet feedback system provides a convenient tool for monitoring toilet cleanliness and improving toilet service. The 10”/ 15” interactive touch feedback system enables visitor to rate their experience and submit a service request for poor and bad services. Upon submit, cleaner received SMS and perform the necessary corrective action immediately. Cleaner is require to scan the ID card to login the system to clear the fault reporting, submit checklist, etc.

System Architecture:
anewtech-toilet-feedback-system-system-architectureHardware Requirement:
• 10” or 15” touch screen Panel PC with Mifare RFID & 3G SIM card module built-in (user to provide data SIM card)
• Traffic tracker with people counting sensor

Software Specification::
• Administration module
• Touch feedback module
• Reporting module
• SMS + fault reporting module
• Follow up & action close module
• Toilet checklist module
• Cloud service (yearly subscription)

SMS notification
The feedback submitted are sent to cleaner’s phone via SMS. If after 30 mins (user to set their own timing) cleaner never respond, the system sends SMS to supervisor.

Login with Mifare RFID card
Cleaners login to respective feedback system by scan their ID card

Toilet e-checklist
Cleaner submit the checklist online and the records are stored at the cloud server

System Report:

• Improve toilet service
• Act on customer feedback immediately
• Supervisor/ manager take necessary action if the fault is unresponsive

For more information about Toilet Feedback System please contact the following:
Vietnam:, email:

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