Modular Industrial Computer with i-Modules for Flexible Expansion: AD-MIC-7500


AD-MIC-7500, a compact industrial computer equipped with 6th generation Intel® Core™ i processor, widely employed for factory and machine automation. The system’s fanless ruggedized design supports a wide input power range, ensuring the durability to withstand harsh industrial environments. The i-modules are designed to be integrated with AD-MIC-7500 and provide economical and flexible expansion on demand.

Innovative Modular Design Satisfies Diverse Application Demands
To address the high diversity and flexibility demands of Industry 4.0, AD-MIC-7500 features rich I/O that support diverse communication requirements and devices, including external sensors, controllers, and displays. The i-modules provide important value-added options for flexible expansion. The i-modules comprise 2x slots, 4x slots, and 2x slots with a 2×2.5” hot-swappable tray. Besides satisfying diverse I/O requirements. The i-modules are easy to assemble and have a simple upgrade path.

Modularized Options Reduce Lead Times
AD-MIC-7500 is powered by a 6th generation Intel® Core™ i processor that delivers up to 10% additional CPU performance and 30% faster graphics compared to the previous generation. AD-MIC-7500 series is also compatible with a wide range of CPU platforms, including the Intel® Xeon® (for server applications) and Intel® Atom ™ (for entry-level operations) processors. Furthermore, the comprehensive range of easily configured modularized options effectively reduces lead times for configure-to-order service.

Rugged Industrial Design
AD-MIC-7500 is a powerful, compact, fanless industrial system that supports a wide power input range and operating temperatures of -20 ~ 60 °C. The cast aluminium case offer vibration and shock protection, as well as a passive thermal solution that ensures silent operation. Designed for the industrial automation market and to withstand harsh environments and 24/7 operation, all electronic components are rugged and satisfy certification standards for environmental protection, EMI/ESD tolerance, and high-voltage surge requirements (2kV).

AD-MIC-7500 Key Features
• 2 x GbE LAN, 8 x USB 3.0, and 4 x COM ports
• Supports 9 ~ 36 V DC input power
• Wide operating temperature range of -20 ~ 60 °C
• Supports the Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 and Linux operating systems

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One thought on “Modular Industrial Computer with i-Modules for Flexible Expansion: AD-MIC-7500

  1. Industrial computers have a microprocessor and RAM type, storage media and interface ports. Those are few hardware that an industrial PC have similar to a normal computer. However, industrial computers are especially designed to withstand harsh shop-floor environments. These environments include the extreme temperature, dust, humidity, vibration and power surges. When you use this device, it can help us to make our usage of industrial computers to be more easy and portable. It has a fanless ruggedised design that can support a wide input power range. This ensures the durability to withstand the harsh industrial environments. This product features rich I/O that support diverse communication requirements and devices. It can include external sensors, controllers, and displays for various functions. The i-Modules comprise with slots with hot-swappable trays. It satisfies the diverse I/O requirements. It is also easy to assemble and it has a simple upgrade paths. Thanks for sharing this information in your blog.

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