Industrial Display System: Differentiating Solutions for Every Applications


Industrial display systems provides a full range of displays with enhanced display kits, industrial touch monitors, digital signage displays and configured monitors. All display systems range from 5.7” to 55”, from indoor to outdoor and feature with huge advantages in quality, project control and cost.


Optical Technology
• High Brightness up to 2,000nit
• Thermal Design
• Anti-reflective coating: <1% reflection
• Privacy and Polarising Filters

Mechanical Design
• Aluminium, Steel and Stainless Chassis
• Open, Closed Frame, Panel mount and Proflat designs
• Panel cutting for panoramic and stretch format display
• Optional IP54/IP65 solution

Touch & Protection
• All touch technologies
• Decal printing and glass engineering
• Vandal proof solutions
• Multi-touch and gesture control

Electronic Capability
• Compatible signal cable set
• A/D card design for special function
• DICOM for medical applications
• Network diagnostic
• Data collection at point of display

For more information about Industrial Display System please contact the following:
Vietnam:, email:

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