Intelli-Signage: Digital Signage with Age and Gender Recognition System


Digital Signage with Age and Gender Recognition System (AGRS) is able to display the relevant advertisements based on the viewer profile – age and gender group. Retailers will be able to understand the shoppers’ behaviour better by analysing reports on the shoppers profiles, and hence able to customised the right advertisements to the right audiences.


Age and Gender Recognition System has 3 components:

  • Capture and analyse shoppers profiles through a digital camera. Shoppers’ profiles are determined via face detection, gender and age group determination algorithm.
  • Customized potential shoppers content display. If the camera detect shopper is 37 years old male, the advertisement will shift to male related advertisement, in the age group of 35 – 45 years old.
  • The gender, age group and advertisement is capture and data is send over to the cloud


The user-friendly content design software supports video, image, flash, powerpoint, html, text, rss, etc allows user to create their own eye-catching content. User can tag advertisements according to age and gender group, and upload the content remotely.

For more information about Intelli-Signage please contact the following:
Vietnam:, email:

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