BIS U Identification System: Industrial UHF RFID System

anewtech-industrial-uhf-rfid-systemThe BIS U system (UHF RFID System) uses Ultra High Frequency or UHF 865 to 928 MHz propagating wave and back scatter technology along with passive tags to provide very long range RFID solutions as far as 6 m. This system is ideal for asset as well as logistics tracking and identification applications. The BIS U includes high temperature and metal mounted tag solutions as well as combination hardened and disposable tags that can be used to provide the most cost effective and reliable solution.

Operation principles of the system
The BIS U Identification System is classified as a non-contacting system with read and write functionality for single or multiple UHF tags. This allows it to transport not only programmed information that is fixed on the data carrier (tag), but also to collect and pass on tag information to interfacing control or data collection systems.

The main components of the BIS U Identification System are:
Data carrier (tag)

BIS U Identification System Features
• Supports standard EPC Gen 2 tags
• Supports multiple enterprise or control interface options
• Up to four antennas can be used on one controller
• Does not require line of site
• Passive tags require no batteries

BIS U Identification System Benefits
• Tags available for any asset no matter how large or small and regardless of material
• Integration into most current system
• Multiple antennas provide redundant, reliable data
• Identifies multiple assets without having to scan each item separately
• Low cost passive tags ensure cost effectiveness, or durability, and longevity
• No battery replacement needed

For more information about Industrial UHF RFID System please contact the following:
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