BIS U Identification System: Industrial UHF RFID Applications

anewtech-industrial-uhf-rfid-systemThe BIS U Identification System is classified as a non-contacting system with read and write functionality for single or multiple UHF tags. This allows it to transport not only programmed information that is fixed on the data carrier (tag), but also to collect and pass on tag information to interfacing control or data collection systems.

Asset tracking
UHF-based RFID provides a means of identifying and tracking assets like tools, production equipment, medical devices, installed parts, logistic containers, and even reusable assets like totes, bins and skids.
UHF RFID SYSTEM - Asset Tracking

Logistics tracking
Tracking incoming and outgoing shipments of parts and products are key to the efficiency and operation of any production facility. UHF-based RFID enables a reliable, non-visual way to identify multiple containers and shipment information quickly and reliably.

Closed loop and supply chain logistics
When moving parts from suppliers to main production facilities, UHF-based RFID can be a significantly more reliable and a faster way to identify incoming shipments, contents and reusable assets like totes, part containers, skids, and transport containers.

Production tracking
During the production process, RFID can be used to track parts and enable visibility into the process itself. UHF-based RFID can provide a means to track parts or part pallets at greater distances allowing greater freedom of use.

Electronic Kanban is a messaging system that allows a mix of information and control for the tracking and movement of production components. e-Kanban can be used to provide faster flow of information and replaces traditional elements such as cards with RFID and barcode.

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