10.1” Windows Tablet PC with Barcode/ HF RFID/ UHF RFID reader: WM-M101B

anewtech-systems-rugged-windows-tablet-pc-m101bWM-M101B, a 10.1” Rugged Tablet PC with Intel® Celeron N2920 Quad core 1.86GHz Processor. With a built-in 1D/2D barcode scanner, HF RFID reader or UHF RFID reader, the M101B allows user to easily track incoming and outgoing shipments, while storing and monitoring inventory information in the warehouse in real time.

WM-M101B-BH: 10.1″ Rugged Tablet PC with 1D/2D Barcode Reader
anewtech-rugged-tablet-pc-m101b-bhBuilt-in 1D/2D Barcode reader in the M101B-BH provides convenient and robust capture of Barcode data for specific application such as warehouse, logistic or retail – in a complete one-piece solution. This Barcode scanner uses the EA30 reader from Intermec, and is capable of reading various 1D/2D barcode symbologies.

WM-M101B-HF: 10.1″ Rugged Tablet PC with HF RFID Reader
anewtech-rugged-tablet-pc-m101b-hfHF RFID is a high frequency RFID that generally has faster data transfer rates and detect ranges around 1-3 cm. With the 13.56 MHz transmit frequency; WM-M101B-HF supports ISO15693, ISO14443A, and ISO18092 protocol.

WM-M101B-UF: 10.1″ Rugged Tablet PC with UHF RFID Reader
anewtech-rugged-tablet-pc-m101b-ufUHF-RFID features longer read ranges (1.5 m to 3 m) and increased reading speeds, allowing users to tag and automatically track large quantities of assets from a greater distance.

For more information about Industrial Tablet PC please contact the following:
Singapore: http://www.anewtech.net, email:contactus@anewtch.com.sg
Malaysia: http://www.anewtech.com.my, email:sales@anewtech.com.my
Vietnam: http://www.anewtech.com.vn, email: sales@anewtech.com.vn

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