Vision-based Identification: BVS Vision Sensor – As Simple as a Sensor

Anewtech-BVS-E-Vision-SensorsBVS Vision Sensor is the perfect choice to insure a reliable, flexible and productivity increasing vision-based quality solution. The BVS offers a full tool box of advanced machine vision functions that can be combined to reliably solve error proofing, quality checking and barcode reading applications. With the BVS, recognizing defects on multiple part types early in the production process is possible using the same sensor. In-process inspection job changing eliminates sensor arrays and complex costly hardware, increasing reliability and quality while reducing overall costs.

There are four different type vision sensors available:

BVS-E Identification
Anewtech-BVS-E-Vision-Sensors-IdentificationIdentification vision sensor easily and reliably read a large number of codes, check the marking on products. Regardless of whether 1D codes (barcodes) or 2D codes (Data Matrix codes), the BVS reads all common codes on the market. Text and sequences of numbers such as code plain text can be verified using OCV. The result: “Inspection OK” or “Inspection not OK”. User can output it via the RS232 or Ethernet interface, to view the read code data to find out which parts are being processed.

BVS-E Standard
Anewtech-BVS-E-Vision-Sensors-standardStandard vision sensor is a sensor of choice for simple error proofing tasks, inspects and monitors production process. Choose the correct tool for application from a large selection and set up inspection. If different components are used, activate the relevant inspection via the PLC control to allow production to continue seamlessly without requiring a teach-in/setup process.

BVS-E Advanced
Anewtech-BVS-E-Vision-Sensors-AdvancedIn addition to the standard functions of the BVS-E, the advanced vision sensor also monitors the rotational position. It can detect objects regardless of the location and position. Productions can be monitored more efficiently through shorter process times and the option of using logical functions to combine individual checks.

BVS-E Universal
Anewtech-BVS-E-Vision-Sensors-UniversalThe application range of the BVS Universal includes part presence checks, reading and verifying codes to demanding part positioning applications. The new powerful 360° contour match tools allow for the locating, verifying and counting of rotated parts in application. The detected part location can then be transmitted to a PLC or Robot using the built in communication interface.

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