Compact Cellular Router with Secure WWAN for retail, POS and gaming applications: Digi TransPort® WR11

Digi TransPort® WR11Digi Transport WR11 gives network management professionals a secure, reliable and low-cost cellular connection for retail POS and gaming applications. By focusing on the critical features for payment card and other secure transactions, the router makes it possible for network operators to grow their business by taking advantage of the increasing ubiquity and security of global cellular networks.

Digi TransPort WR11 comes with enterprise software configuration by default, which means network administrators have the routing, security, VPN and stateful firewall tools they need to create a PCI compliant network right out of the box.

Network administrators are further empowered with Digi SureLink™ and Digi Remote Manager™. Digi Surelink ensures the router maintains a persistent connection with the cellular network for SLA performance and Digi Remote Manager gives the ability to collect detailed network performance statistics.

With the addition of the WR11, the Digi TransPort WR family now offers network management professionals a full suite of routers for every retail or point-of-sale application, from simple Ethernet connections (WR11), Ethernet and legacy serial devices (WR21) and more added-value applications like DSL backup and Wi-Fi access point creation (WR41 and WR44).

For more information about Enterprise Class Cellular Router please contact the following:
Vietnam:, email:

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