RISC-based HMI with UL508 Certification: AD-WebOP-3000 Series

anewtech-panel-pc-WebOP-3070TIdeal for use in machine manufacturing industries such as semi-conductor manufacture, the newly designed thin client panel PC with the latest RISC 32 bits TI ARM® Cortex™-A8 processor which is not only faster but also consumes the minimum amount of power and also support for CANopen, Modbus and Ethernet protocols to ensure that they’ll connect to your existing network.

AD-WebOP-3000T product series are given UL508 safety certification. UL508 gives customers the reassurance that the panel PCs have passed many stringent safety tests including: being fire-retardant, remaining undamaged by high temperatures and aren’t affected by over-voltage and under-voltage conditions, plus many more.

Unique in their class, the new AD-WebOP-3107T and AD-WebOP-3100T with flat panel IP66 certified aluminum edging, have dual Level 4 Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection and fully meet IEC-61000 requirements. To protect the models from sudden spikes in the electrical supply, the AD-WebOP-3000T series is equipped with power and terminal I/O port isolation protection to protect from power failure.

Anewtech-AD-WebOP-3100T-risc-panel-pcAD-WebOP-3000T Series Features:
• RISC 32 bits TI ARM® Cortex™-A8 processor
• Various LCD sizes (7″, 8″, 10.1″, 12″, 15″)
• Full line LED BL TFT LCD with 50K life time
• Embedded Microsoft® WinCE 6.0 OS
• Support WebOP Designer HMI Runtime development tool
• Backup Memory FRAM in 128KB(64 words) without battery concern
• Power & Terminal I/O ports isolation protection
• -20°C ~ 60°C wide operating temperature range
• Support CANopen library registered by CiA 301 V4.02
• RS-422/RS-485/CAN terminal I/O ports support Termination Resistor 120Ω
• Front panel IP66 compliant
• Die-cast aluminum alloy front bezel

For more information about RISC-based Panel PC please contact the following:
Singapore: http://www.anewtech.net, email:contactus@anewtch.com.sg
Malaysia: http://www.anewtech.com.my, email:sales@anewtech.com.my
Vietnam: http://www.anewtech.com.vn, email: sales@anewtech.com.vn

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