Digital Signage Solution

Enhancing customers experience with eye-catching digital signage! windows-based-digital-signage

No matter how large is your facility, digital signage can span from a single display to thousands of signs. With its superior ability to deliver messages and get noticed, digital signage offers unparalleled opportunities to capture your audiences’ attention, inform your customers, build brands, and drive both sales and profitability. It’ is time to think about digital signage!

Benefits of Digital Signage:
• Increase message impact through eye-catching dynamic content
• Reduce time and cost to produce and deploy new message
• Eliminate out-of-date messages to increase relevancy
• Control exactly what is displayed where and when globally
• Enhance the customer and retail experience

Features of Digital Signage Software:
• Central content management
• Drag-and-drop content design
• Supports versatile files (Video, Image, Text Crawl, Flash, Digital Clock, HTML, RSS Feed, Powerpoint)
• Provides Preview check
• Scheduling by day/ week/ month

For more information about Digital Signage please contact the following:
Vietnam:, email:

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