Industrial Micro Computer for Machine Automation

anewtech-industrial-micro-computerAIMC series industrial micro computers are typically 50% more space saving compared to traditional wallmount systems. Until now, most production manufacturers had adopted full-size IPC solutions for their machine automation applications. But increasingly, fewer add-on cards are becoming the norm in machine automation, for example a single motion, I/O or artificial vision card can fulfill most applications.

Application: Surface-Mount Technology
Anewtech-AD-AiMC-3420AD-AiMC 3420 is an agile and efficient industrial computer supporting vision inspection and motion control. With high performance CPU power, it can precisely control a robotic arm, do high resolution image analysis, execute solder paste printing, SMT pick-and-place, and reflow oven control for surface-mount manufacturing.

Application: Automatic Optical Inspection
Anewtech-AD-AiMC-3200AD-AiMC-3200 is a compact size system that can be configured with a PoE and camera to implement AOI. Its high performance supports up to 4 channels each with a 5-megalpixel PoE camera, effectively detects whether components have been successfully soldered and whether component placement is skewed or straight.

Application: Automatic Test Equipment
Anewtech-AD-AiMC-2100AD-AiMC-2100 serves as automatic test equipment for quality assurance. ATE platforms measurements and evaluates test results quickly and accurately. With one reserved expansion slot, it is a flexible platform that can adopt any add-on card to accommodate different test scenarios.

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