SATA III Embedded Flash Storage for Aerospace and Defense Applications

 2.5-inch SSD, 1.8-inch SSD, SATA Slim and mSATAThe SATA III embedded flash storage products available in various form factors, including: 2.5-inch SSD, 1.8-inch SSD, SATA Slim and mSATA. The products are speedy, rugged, with smart data protection technology and military grade data security.

With sequential read and write speeds of up to 510/340 MB/s, double of SATA II devices, SATA III storage devices are ideal for rugged, high-speed and low-latency data streaming military applications such as radar, sonar, signal intelligence and image processing. The flash storage products are MIL-STD-810F/G compliant, for operating in extreme environments

iCell is vital for mission-critical applications, where working under extreme conditions and without backup power is unavoidable. This technology provides a mechanism to instantaneously discharge data stored in temporary volatile DRAM buffers to flash storage, to ensure the safety of data during power failures.

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