Palm-size Intel® Atom™ N2600/2800 Low Power Fanless Embedded PC: AD-ARK-1122

The AD-ARK-1122 is an ultra slim and low power Intel® Atom™ N2600/N2800 Fanless Embedded PC. It reduces power consumption to 10W with higher performance and higher specifications in terms of CPU and memory, storage capacity and I/O support, delivering more powerful computing and graphic performance with additional display interfaces. AD-ARK-1122 comes in three SKUs with varied I/O designs suited for different embedded application scenarios.

Applications 1: AD-ARK-1122H Supports Dual Displays for Bank Queuing System
ARK-1122HWith VGA and HDMI outputs, AD-ARK-1122H supports independent dual displays, and provides rich I/O options (4 x USB + 1 x COM). It’s best for commercial digital signage applications which require connection with electronics devices. A typical scenario is a bank queuing system, which often has two displays at the bank counter — one for showing queuing numbers and the other for broadcasting videos or other information.

Application 2: AD-ARK-1122C Provides Rich Peripheral Connections for Parking Lot Kiosk
ARK-1122CAD-ARK-1122C is a good option for applications that need to connect with more peripheral devices. It provides rich I/O connections in both serial and USB ports (4 x COM + 4 x USB). A typical application is a parking facility management system, where AD-ARK-1122C installed in a kiosk to integrate automatic toll collection, receipt printing and cash machine. AD-ARK-1122C, with a VGA output, can support a kiosk display that shows parking info and also provides rich peripheral connections.

Application 3: AD-ARK-1122F Delivers Rich Network Support for Bus Arrival Prediction System
AD-ARK-1122F AD-ARK-1122F provides rich I/O including 2 GbE ports for cable connection as well as mini-PCIe expansion for wireless 3G/Wi-Fi communications, and supports dual displays (VGA + HDMI), all of which make it well suited for deployment in outdoor information systems, for example bus arrival prediction. Bus arrival prediction system can be implement by having a small AD-ARK-1122F hidden in the equipment box at each bus stop. AD-ARK-1122F support a VGA display that shows bus arrival information and an HDMI display that displays advertisements or service information. A GPS system installed on each bus reports its position in real time to a central server, which in turn controls the content displayed at the individual bus stops.

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