Maximizing Customer Retention through Customer Survey/ Feedback System


Customers are the best source of information about how a company’s products and services are perceived in the market place in relation to competitors. Understanding how customers experience a company’s products and services provides the foundation of business growth. Continuous growth requires continuous measurement of the value that is delivered to customers compared to competitors.

Customer Survey/Feedback System has emerged as by far the best method of periodically assessing the customer satisfaction. The primary reasons for assessing customer satisfaction are to maximize customer retention, and to gain and build customer loyalty. Survey system is ideal for applications such as hospital, banking and hospitality which allow customers provide immediate feedback about their experience at counter service.


With a touch of a button, customers can tell in a matter of seconds exactly what they thought of your service. Responses are automatically tabulated and presented in an easy to read graphical format in real time, providing key performance indicator (KPI) information straight to management. The system enables to quantify customer service thereby create a measurement system to uniformly raise customer service levels to ultimately meet the set benchmark.


It is important to realize that customer satisfaction does not equate to customer loyalty. Merely satisfied customers will switch to a competitor that will exceed their expectations, especially in a highly competitive market, within the blink of an eye.

True competitive advantage therefore requires that customers are completely satisfied. In addition, it is important to inform customers that their opinions matter, and that their responses will instigate change within the organization.

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