Embedded Flash Storage for Industrial & Embedded Applciations

Embedded Flash Storage
Anewtech provide full range of industrial flash storage products which are available in different interfaces such as: Disk-on-Module (DOM), Flash Card, or Solid State Drive (SSD) with PATA, SATA and even native PCI express transfer protocols. In order to keep data integrity and extend flash lifespans, protection mechanisms such as Power Failure Protection and Global Wear-leveling algorithms were implemented to the entire product series.

SATA Module
SATA module offers four models, including SATADOM, mSATA, SATA Slim, and CFast. All the four types are appealed to compact size and, at the same time, fulfill low power consumption that is a concern for industrial/embedded systems.

Industrial Solid State Drive (SSD)
Designed for rigorous and mission critical environment, industrial SSD series, both SATA and ATA SSD support wide temperature (-40°C ~ +85°C) and the capacity is up to 256GB.

Embedded Disk Card and Industrial CompactFlash (EDC and iCF)
EDC/iCF 8000 series are the best-in-class 4-channel embedded solid-state data storage systems, offering high sustained read and write speed up to 80 MB/sec. and 75 MB/sec. with fully support of UltraDMA modes.

For more information about Embedded Flash Storage, please contact the following:
Singapore: www.anewtech.net, email:contactus@anewtch.com.sg
Malaysia: www.anewtech.com.my, email:sales@anewtech.com.my
Vietnam: www.anewtech.com.vn, email: sales-vn@anewtech.net

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