KIOSK Solution: Automatic Vending Machines

Automatic Vending Machines

Automatic Vending Machines

The automatic vending machines performing like tiny retail shops, provide a great variety of food, drink, cosmetic and many applications beyond our imagination. Embedded Systems, ARK-1360 which features ultra compact design yet still offer an open architecture and rich I/O interfaces is well suite for ending machine.

The ARK-1360 supports graphic performance that allows the machine to display animated advertisements for the products. It also supports wireless communications that enable payments by credit card or e-cash card, or through a mobile phone.

Fanless embedded System: Anewtech ARK-1360

Fanless embedded System: Anewtech ARK-1360

Key features of Anewtech ARK-1360:
– Ultra compact size
– Ultra power-efficient
– One mini-PCIe socket expansion for wireless applications
– I/O interfaces to include 1 x GbE + 2 x COM ports + 4 x USB
– Support for video display and audio speaker

For more information about Fanless Embedded Systems, please contact the following:
Vietnam:, email:

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