ZigBee Enabled Demand Respond

ZigBee Enabled Demand Respond

ZigBee Enabled Demand Respond

ZigBee-enabled devices transmit and receive information such as temperature readings and on/off commands. Get within a few feet of your home, and a ZigBee-enabled key fob [1] wirelessly unlocks the doors. The door lock [2] sends a signal to the lighting, air-conditioning and entertainment systems. The light and temperature are automatically set to your pre-programmed liking. Your oven [3] can even start cooking your dinner.

Wall sensors [4] structural stability and moisture sensors keep tabs on basement flooding. They feed alerts to your TV [5] or email them to you if you’re at the office. The kids are hot, but you’re cold? No problem. Thermostat [6] can be adjusted to customize the temperature in multiple rooms. Tweak the thermostat manually or automatically based on readings from wireless sensors placed around the house. Send a text message to turn on the A/C when you’re on your way home.

Smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors [7] instantly report problems to a central monitoring station in home or to an offsite security service. If the smoke alarm goes off at night, the central hub will trigger selected lights to illuminate the safest exit route.

Because ZigBee devices are wireless, controlling a network light [8] is as easy as sticking a switch to a wall. ZigBee chips that transmit information that controls an overhead fixture could work for decades. Timer based sprinkler systems have one fundamental flow: They’ll activate even when torrential rain rolls through. The ZigBee enabled sprinkler [9], on the other hand, will respond to soil sensors that monitor moisture and turn on only when necessary.

For more information about ZigBee Solutions, please contact the following:
Singapore: www.anewtech.net, email:contactus@anewtch.com.sg
Malaysia: www.anewtech.com.my, email:sales@anewtech.com.my
Vietnam: www.anewtech.com.vn, email: sales@anewtech.com.vn

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