ITM-5115: 15″ XGA Industrial Touch Monitor with Fully Flat Resistive Touchscreen



Designed for industrial applications and harsh environments, industrial touch monitor, Anewtech ITM-5115 has IP54 flat sealed front panel and supports operating temperatures from -20 to 60°C. It’s a 15″ XGA Industrial LED monitor with fully flat resistive touchscreen.

This brand-new ITM-5115 product line provides customers with a complete selection of industrial grade display solutions. The basic ITM-5115R M is a stand-alone monitor display with VGA/DVI input interfaces; the ITM-5115 C series with an optional Box Computer in the rear is an all-in-one total solution; and the ITM-5115R L and P series allow quick and easy integration with pluggable Embedded Box Computers via a 36-pin LVDS input interface and 164-pin golden finger connections.

Highly Efficient LED Backlighting
While most other industrial displays still use CCFL backlights, ITM-5115 backlight panel takes advantage of the reduced power consumption and increased display brightness offered by LEDs. The highly efficient ITM-5115 LED backlight provides a bright display with a wide dimming range, yet realizes a 20 ~ 30% reduction in power.

More Flexibility, Better Stability
The ITM-5115 industrial monitor is both rugged and elegant, with the side frame rails tidily concealing a variety of peripheral connection cables. The fully flat front touch screen delivers a crisp viewing experience while allowing for easy cleaning. Panel, wall, desktop, and swing-arm VESA mounting are all supported, to accommodate a variety of application needs.

The touch screen, front bezel logo, and installation accessories can be fully customized, saving SI time and effort and shortening time-to-market. ITM-5115 is ideal for kiosk use, HMI equipment controller monitor or other self-service equipment.

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