Intel Atom N455 and D525 Processors with DDR3 Memory Support

Intel Atom Family with DDR3 Memory Support
Low power and exceptional performance Intel Atom N455/ D525 processors are suitable for a wide range of applications. The new processors replace the Intel Atom N410/D510 solutions which only supported DDR2 memory. DDR3 memory has become mainstream now and has higher speeds, 30% less power consumption, lower cost, better supply lead times, as well as larger memory capacities than DDR2 memory.

The latest Intel Atom N455 processor single core and D525 dual core processors both support DDR3 memory up to 2 GB for N455, and up to 4 GB for D525. With integrated graphics and memory controllers, these processors deliver graphics core rendering speeds from 200 to 400 MHz while maintaining excellent power efficiency.

Anewtech provides the Intel Atom N455 single core and D525 dual core embedded platform for a wide variety of embedded application projects. The various embedded form factors and systems ranging from computer on modules, PC/104, 3.5” SBC, half-size SBC, and mini-ITX, to fanless embedded PC. These combinations provide a superb balance of performance versus power, they are ideal for applications where small size, low power consumption, and thermal efficiency are crucial.

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    The Intel® Atom™ single core N455 and dual core D525 processors feature an integrated graphic and memory controller (GMCH) all on the same chip. This new architecture decreases memory latency and offers higher performance with even more power savings.

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