Industrial Wallmount Chassis IPC-6025 and IPC-5122 for Hash Industrial Environment

IPC-6025 and IPC-5122 are rugged desktop/ wallmount chassis designed for full-sized Single Board Computer (SBC) and MicroATX motherboard. This series of desktop/wallmount chassis is designed to perform reliably in any application and in harsh environments – not just standard industrial environments.

Smart New Industrial Design
IPC-6025 & IPC-5122 come with a newer fresher look – on top of the original rugged-style. Their sleek silver finishes are suited to extreme hash environment. Tough black plastic and other materials are also integrated into IPC-6025 and IPC-5122, while the main structure retains a heavy-duty steel construction to maintain ruggedness. Due to the rising demand for more efficient use of space, the market for compact industrial chassis is growing, and the layout within each chassis is highly optimized to minimize overall size and provide better space utilization.

Environmental Protection
In most application environments dust is a common element. The front door designs on IPC-6025 and IPC-5122 provide protection from dust for the front I/O USB ports, CD ROM and HDD. Also, a washable easy-to-maintain filter between the system fan and front grill allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, and IPC-6025 has a convenient handle designed on the front to make it easy to remove the chassis from the application environment.

Smart LED Alarm System
Anewtech IPC-5122 and IPC-6025 also come with an intelligent monitoring system. Users can monitor system power, CPU cooler fan status, system temperature and hard disk activity status. The system will sound an alarm if it detects abnormal activities.

Special Applications
IPC-6025 5-slot SBC chassis can work as a wallmount or desktop chassis and is suitable for applications which require a standalone system as well as work as a quad-system. Applications requiring quad-systems include AOI systems which need multiple processing for different functions and flexibility. With rack carrier, IPC-6025 offers an excellent and economic solution to this kind of application.

Both Anewtech IPC-6025 & IPC-5122 chassis provide a more stylish, compact and modern looking case while retaining their rugged industrial features; they make ideal solutions for a wider range of applications in more than just industrial environments.

Highlights for the 5-slot Desktop/Wallmount Chassis IPC-6025
– Scalability to a 5U quad-system rackmount chassis
– LED indicators and alarm notification for system fault detection
– Shock-resistant disk drive bay to hold two 3.5″ disk drives
– Supports 5-slot PICMG 1.3/1.0 full-size passive backplane
– Supports up to Intel Quad Core Xeon CPU
– Adopts 1U 270W power supply
– Optional one rackmount carrier for Quad-system solution

Highlights for the MicroATX Motherboard Chassis IPC-5122
– Streamlined in-chassis airflow design s
– Supporting up to LGA775 Intel® Core(TM) 2 Quad processor
– Supports up to four expansion slots
– Shock-proof and anti-vibration drive bay
– Supports single PS/2 300 W / 400 W power supply
– LED indicators for system default detection
– Easy-to-maintain system fan and reusable air filter

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