Video Wall Solutions: 55″ Super Narrow Bezel 3.5mm LCD Video Wall

Used to view large quantities of information at a single glance on a “wall” of monitors, video wall technology has previously been considered the exclusive domain of large organizations because of high costs and complexity. However, Anewtech video wall solution requires only one PC, with built-in software making the technology accessible to small-to-medium businesses.

Anewtech Video Wall Solutions is bundled with Content Design Software
Design software allows a user to determine a different type of display: 2×2, 3×3, 4×2, etc. The software enables multiple contents (image, flash or video) to be display on the wall simultaneously and allows the user to update contents as easily as browsing file on the desktop folder. Contents can be shown on 4 individual monitors or the entire wall depending upon the user’s discretion.

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Digi XBee3 Programmable Modules


Digi XBee3 builds on industry-leading embedded technology, offers design freedom with easy-to-add functionality and flexible wireless connectivity. The new Micro form factor allows customers to shrink their devices with new low-power requirements making it ideal for battery-powered applications, portable and remote devices.

It brings a new era of flexibility to mesh networking and new LTE cellular technologies enabling a higher level of abstraction without the lead times and complexities of chip-down designs. A few advanced features include:

• Micro size – a reduced size, weight, and power consumption.
• Micro-Python-programmable – RF connectivity for short range or Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN).
• Design flexibility – RF and cellular options.

Furthermore, builders of Internet of Things (IoT) devices require more options for connectivity as well as increased computing power for processing data at the edge of the network. Digi XBee3 Series includes ZigBee 3.0 for mesh networking and Digi XBee3 Cellular with the latest LTE technologies like LTE-M and NB-IoT, are all available in the compact and pin-compatible form factor.

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The Use of Robot in Education


The developing of artificial intelligent technologies bring out-of-reach robots to our home and commercial service scenarios, like cleaning robot, preschool education robot, promotion robot, and so on. Among these services, education is one of the core value robot creates.

Robot-Assisted Instruction (RAI)
Robot assisted instruction mean teachers use intelligent robots as the main education media and tools to teach classes. It can be called Robot-Assisted Learning (RAL), Robot-Assisted Training (RAT), Robot-Based Education (RBE). The programmable robots for education is not the main role in education, but an education tool like assistant, learning companion, or intelligent education tool, more advance than general education tools in school.

Robot-Represented Routine (RRR)
Robot-Represented Routine means the intelligent service robot has partial human intelligence and functions, helping teachers perform some repetitive teaching work, like borrowing a book, and writing notes, marking students attendance, etc., to advance the learning efficiency and quality.

Robot-Directed Instruction (RDI)
Robot-Directed Instruction is the robot’s highest level application in education. More than an assistant, intelligent robot plays the main role in education organization, practice and management.

If robots would like to open the door of education, they must activate the users with its actual functions. Intelligent educational robots have become the inevitable trend of future and they are becoming the powerful assistant to the future of children.

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Create a Superb Shopping Experience with Sanbot


How to stand out from a highly competitive shopping mall with numerous competitors around you?

Sanbot, an intelligent service robot is the best moving advertising robot to attract and bring customers to your store! With your product information and promotion display on screen and broadcast by voice, Sanbot is the best retail robot that move around to promote and advertise your business.

Besides promoting your business, Sanbot with powerful AI technologies also can bring a great number of services to your customers:
• welcome and greet customer
• entertain customer with dance, music and game
• interact with customer
• conduct a survey to collect customer feedback
• run lucky draw campaign with spin the wheel features



Sanbot Benefits:
• Creative promotional programs
• New technology experience
• Draws the audience’s attention
• Igniting the audience’s enthusiasm
• Fun and interactive entertainment

Remote I/O with SNMP and MQTT Protocols


MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is a publish/subscribe messaging protocol for constrained Internet of Things devices in low-bandwidth, high-latency, or unreliable networks. ADAM-6000 and ADAM-6200 series can provide efficient transmission, instant alarm event notification, and easy configuration by ADAM.Net Utility.

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), the open standard protocol, is widely used to implement sensors information management of IoT system by IT engineers. ADAM-6000 and ADAM-6200 both simplify the network device management as I/O status can be easily monitored via IT network.


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Rugged Military Computer


Military Computer from Trenton are designed and manufactured based on standards such as MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461 to withstand shock, vibration and other environmental hazards. These systems feature long-life SBC and PCI Express backplane or motherboard options to provide long-term system configuration stability for extended project cycles and field deployments.

Anewtech-Modular-Computer-System Anewtech-Rugged-Computer-System
Modular Computer System
Modular computers are optimized to use less space while increasing compute density in various applications including military computing, industrial automation, big data, and infrastructure systems such as toll road management and control.
Rugged Computer System
Rugged rackmount computers are designed and built to provide years of trouble-free performance in all demanding PCI Express applications, and are available in flexible configurations that can adapt to specific project requirements.

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Intelli-Signage: Use Interactive Spin the Wheel for you promotion campaign!


Spin the Wheel is a form of promotion marketing that can be a very powerful for customer engagement with your brand experience. Spin the Wheel drives potential customers to your store, you can increase sales by giving them the opportunity to win prizes with minimum amount spend.

Intelli-Signage is now supporting Spin the Wheel features! You can create your lucky draw campaign using Intelli-Signage content design software. The software allows you to define the prize, quantity and wining percentage.

Businesses can benefit from Spin the wheel by using it to fill in slow days, such as only available from Monday to Thursday. It is a creative form of branding that small businesses can enjoy, it also creates a fun element to promotion campaign.

Benefits of Spin the Wheel Campaign:
• drive customer to your business with either prizes and coupons
• create a brilliant end-to-end customer experience
• interaction and sense of fun increase brand awareness
• FREE features included in Intelli-Signage content design software
• creative form of branding

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